The Automatic Cat Litter Box – Advantages And Disadvantages

If you’ve got one cat or perhaps several, you may think that it’s a godsend that there is such a thing as an automatic cat litter box. Yes, they really do exist, and for many people, they’re truly among the greatest inventions ever made. However, there are drawbacks that you ought to think about also. Check out best cat litter boxes automatic

First, if you use this kind of litter box you should become only superior clumping litter so clumps will not break under any conditions. Because if you use a cheaper clumping litter, you’ll end up with quite a wreck. If clumps don’t stay intact, you will find the the litter box itself smeared with feces that you’ll need to clean up. Only superior clumping litters that never break are acceptable for use in an automated cat litter box.

Secondly, your cat(s) needs to be of the kind that isn’t spooked by the automated rake. The box itself is automatic with an electric eye, where a rake mechanically “scoops” used litter as soon as your cat leaves the box and then deposits it in a repository situated at the back end of the box. Whether this type of movement spooks your cat, then it is likely that he or she will not enter the box in any way, thus rendering it worthless to you.

Third, in case you have more than one cat and/or are gone for long periods of time past a couple of hours, you need to have two of these boxes. This is cause it is not likely that the box will be able to accommodate numerous cats, since you merely pour in litter to a depth of approximately one to two inches. You will constantly have to be replenishing this mess so as to make sure that the box works correctly. Consequently, if you’re gone for over a couple of hours at one time, it is probably best to use a regular box where you can scoop out only one or two times a day yourself.

1 note to make here is that even though some boxes utilize silica crystals instead of clumping litter and so only scoop solid waste so that clutter lasts longer, many pet owners believe that this isn’t healthy for their cats. The decision is your choice.

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Ultimately, these kinds of litter boxes aren’t cheap. Even though some have come down somewhat in cost in the past several years, you’re not likely to be spending $16.99 to this kind of box as you will with just a regular cat litter box. Expect to pay about $100-150 for a fantastic quality automated box.

Therefore, the decision is yours but the advantage isn’t always what you might expect with a automated cat litter box.