Sworn translations with official status

All documents that are intended to be presented in front of an administration or a State authority, particularly in order to obtain official documents, necessarily require a sworn translation service. Their importance is greater than that of other translations and therefore requires skilled professionals to complete, accredited by the competent body within each country.

What are certified translations?

Sworn (or declared on oath), conformity certifications do a translation to the original text and are required for any official document to be submitted to domestic or foreign authorities. With the oath (or certification) guarantees, with an official statement made at the court registry, the truthfulness and accuracy of the translation. Only in this way the translation can become a document with the same legal value as the original. In addition to sworn we also provide assistance for legalization or Apostille of documents have already been translated and certified.

What are Apostille and legalization?

When sworn translations must take official value to be produced abroad, in addition to sworn translations, you must proceed with the Apostle or legalization. The choice between Apostille and legalization depends on the country of destination: for all countries that have joined the Hague Convention applies the system of Apostille; While for everyone else and must proceed with the legalization of your document.

Which documents require a sworn Online Translation?

Vital Records

Identity documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, marital status, family status, criminal records, of life rafts

Legal and notary acts

Judicial, notarial powers, official statements, self-declarations, deeds, financial statements, judgments and prosecutors, administrative documents, etc.

Business Documents

Contracts, budgets, administrative texts, patents, trademarks, text banking deposit, customs clearance, etc.

Vehicle Documents

Automotive booklets authorized translation service , registration certificate, certificates of conformity, driving licenses.


Documents for the regularization of foreign Workers

Documents for Family reunification

Educational Qualifications