Specialty Occupation Visa

along with being a countrywide of a treaty country, the E2 applicant is also required to make an investment in his or her commercial enterprise to qualify for the visa. while there’s no specific dollar quantity noted in the applicable regulations and processes, the investment ought to be giant. A strong investment quantity relies upon at the form of commercial enterprise the applicant is trying to start-up and should be discussed in consultation with a qualified immigration attorney.Get details from us dubai visa photo size.

the second one E2 visa choice is the E2 employee visa. As in the case of the E2 Treaty Investor visa, the E2 worker visa requires citizenship of a treaty us of a. whilst the employee visa option does no longer require an investment on behalf of the employee, the usa business enterprise should already be registered with a US embassy. additionally, the united states business enterprise ought to maintain the equal treaty nationality as any prospective E2 worker. Please see the beneath instance:

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Giovanni is a countrywide of Italy and has been presented a role with a US agency who filed an H1B petition on his behalf. unfortunately, Giovanni’s petition turned into now not decided on. the us corporation, 100% owned by Croatian nationals, has heard of the E2 visa and is willing to spend the cash to make the funding, register the enterprise as an E2 organization, and hire Giovanni as an E2 employee. alas, the E2 employee visa could now not paintings as Giovanni and the organization do now not share the identical nationality (i.e. Giovanni is Italian and the corporation is 100% Croatian owned). Please see underneath for any other example:

Olivia is a country wide of Denmark, and prefer Giovanni, her H1B petition changed into no longer selected inside the lottery by way of the united states company wishing to rent her. The business enterprise is 49% owned by using American nationals and 51% owned via Danish nationals. Like Giovanni’s potential employer, Olivia’s enterprise needs to register as an E2 organization and hire her in E2 employee popularity. this would be allowed, as most people of the organization is Danish owned and stocks the identical treaty nationality with Olivia.

The above visa alternatives are only some alternatives need to a overseas countrywide not be selected in the H1B lottery. for added visa classes and strategies, please contact our office today.

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