Social Media For Mining Consultants

The last three years have been pretty rough for the mining industry; and when mining companies sneeze, the mining services sector catches a cold. Whether tasked with study preparation or review, Micon’s mining engineers can draw upon relevant operational experience to ensure mine designs and schedules are based on industry mining consulting best practice and represent achievable development and production targets.

Readers will be familiar with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. The business model for social media companies has commonly included setting up sites that rapidly attract a large number of users that then allow the social media company to sell advertising.

From sustainable water management and natural resources engineering to mine remediation and closure, MWH provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, construction, quality assurance, and program management services to the mining industry around the world.

Whether performing initial baseline assessments or designing plans for environmental restoration, Hatfield Consultants is dedicated to maintaining our exceptional record of consulting excellence for the mining industry, across Canada and around the world.

At Auralia, our skills are regularly used to review and develop potential ore bodies, optimise mine plans, review projects, provide solutions to more profitable mine management and assist mining companies with strategic decision making, both at a technical and board level.