The GS8000 DVR changed into launched in 2013 and is turning into quite popular. This camera can record at 1080p @ 30fps and is primarily based on the Ambarella A2S70 processor. Video high-quality in the course of the day is right however video first-class at night is at pleasant average. The GS8000 comes with a g-sensor and GPS. This sprint cam isn’t always too large and it comes with a 2.7″ display.

there is a inexpensive Novatek version of this digicam for sale as properly. The Novatek version has worse video exceptional and is not endorsed.

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GS8000 fashions

This digicam is also sold under the subsequent names:

  • M900
  • DM900

acknowledged problems

There were greater than common problems referred to for this digicam. Be aware before shopping.

data best for a brief period

some proprietors have complained that the digicam will file for approximately 30 seconds or a minute than stop recording. This seems to be a trouble with how the SD card is formatted. To correct, format the SD card thru a computer using Fat32.

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GPS issues

a few owners have indicated the GPS does now not seize or stops operating altogether. A capability fix is to reposition the dash cam for your windshield. you may also cast off the GPS antenna from the mount. See the subsequent pics of a changed mount with the GPS antenna eliminated from the authentic mount and stuck onto a brand new mount.

lifeless / Unresponsive camera

There were some instances of dead / unresponsive cameras. One potential cause is getting rid of the GPS cable whilst the digicam is powered on (no longer showed). Reflashing the firmware is an alternative alternative. word a number of the issues can be hardware related which do no longer have any regarded resolutions.

must I purchase?

Many humans who have obtained this camera are pretty thrilled first of all. the largest issues are the average night time video exceptional and capacity GPS troubles that some proprietors have complained approximately. but with the growing proceedings of reliability problems, we can not endorse this digital camera.