Everyone now speaks about Campfire Audio. What are they?

The Campfire Audio brand is little known not only in our country, but also in Europe, despite the fact that it has points of sale practically all over the world. For a long time, the brand’s products remained for those who are in the subject – audiophiles, listened to everything that is possible, and, finally, reached the overseas miracle.

Since 2015, everything has changed. Everyone started talking about them .

Most of Campfire Audio ‘s products bear the proud logo Made in USA . The headphones are designed and assembled manually in Portland, Oregon. Only some models are created with the use of all-metal housings from China, but also those by corporate design.

And even in this case, packing and checking is done in the USA.

Such attention to detail and love of one’s business simply had to find a response in the hearts of connoisseurs of sound. But this way was long enough and thorny.


How it all began

Almost 10 years it took ALO Audio to come to the world of premium audiophile headphones list on http://headphonecode.com/ . For a long time the creators were keen on producing amplifiers of all kinds and quality wires.

Being true admirers of music and high-quality sound, they wanted to enjoy listening not only at home .

Who did not want to take a quality sound on the road?

This is what led to the creation of a whole line of headphones that meet the highest requirements of true connoisseurs of audio.

ALO Audio and Campfire Audio were never afraid to experiment and did not try to follow some market trends. The sound you hear and the sound you want to hear are completely different sounds .

And this is what makes the creators repeatedly improve products and introduce something new.

You will not find two equally sounding Campfire Audio headphones. Each model has its own character. Each of them is unique. Cosmic names, cosmic prices, but completely earthly joys.

The joy of owning a rare and high-quality product. The joy of listening to your favorite music anywhere, but in the best quality .

Be sure to go to the channel of the brand in Vimeo and appreciate with your own eyes the process of creating headphones first-hand. I’m sure you will be surprised by many things.

Andromeda and Vega as the top of evolution

To date, these two models of headphones are the most expensive and up-to-date in-channel fittings of the manufacturer.

Andromeda received a total of 5 drivers per channel (two for high frequencies, two for low and one for medium ones), a specially crafted zirconium-coated aluminum case, a specially tuned acoustic camera and a premium plug-in cable with a MMCX connector.

All this provides incomparable accuracy of sound and minimal distortion inside such a compact case.

Headphones are heavy, but they look and feel very cool. Together with them comes a leather case, interchangeable ear pads of different types and sizes (including foam nozzles), as well as a brush for cleaning headphones. Bipod binding will require addiction, but this is how the best landing and transmission of sound.

Due to low resistance and high sensitivity, headphones are easily pumped by any modern smartphone. But if you think that the sound in them will be at the level of AirPods, then you can not even imagine how much you are mistaken.