Different types of food for your dog

One of the major concerns that we should have not only the world of dog professionals, but also all of the guides is the power of our four-legged companions. A good diet not only ensures an excellent organic operation, also chosen diet has its emotional connotations.

We have plenty of options to feed our the online dog trainer , we must inform us well for each one of them and choose which most benefits to our faithful companion. We will explain each option a bit to offer a first touchdown and give some general guidelines that facilitate the most suitable choice in the type of food we choose. One of the methods of purchase more common is the purchase online, where you can enter in your usual search engine words your online pet store and all the options are shown. But as you know, from Aprende not we use the word ‘pet’ to refer to our dog, as also we refer to ‘owner’ but to ‘Guide’. Our Director, fallout 4 console commands Enrique SolĂ­s, it explains it perfectly “I would like to think that dogs are no longer ‘pets’ to become genuine partners who not only need to feed, but also educate them to live with us in harmony. In my opinion, the term ‘pet’ should not be used to define our four-legged companions, I think our dogs are much more than a pet and they deserve the language to protect them as we do.

I think

It is the majority choice. It is certainly the most comfortable and sometimes, but not always, the most economical. Today there are countless brands on the market, the problem is what to choose? Do all brands offer the same quality? Is the quality/price ratio adequate?


Well, we could talk long and lying about how to choose a good I think, meet with the rules relating to the production of animal feed, origin of foods, processes for producing animal feed… but we want to give you some basic and general guidelines that will help you to distinguish a feed of high range of another who is not. And the first and it is essential to look at the composition of the feed. All foods come in order of amount, i.e., the first is that many there are in the bag of feed and so on. We must also look at the percentages, because some brands for example broken down cereals in two and thus appears as having less amount of cereal.

The second thing that we must look at the composition of animal feed, is where the first ingredient listed is meat or fish but dehydrated. Keep in mind that so much we, as a chicken or a calf are between 60-70% water, if we dehydrate the body… how much we would? Now take the accounts the amount of chicken, for example, that remains in a sack of feed that appears as the first ingredient chicken 21%. If I dehydrated, you my dog is eating enough of animal protein?

But we must also make reference to the part of dog behavioral. Dogs, like humans, are what they eat by what if we have a dog that is very active not should give you a feed containing meat, since it is a stimulant. We should give one of fish containing not much protein.

Remember that it is essential to find a good feed of course becomes you to my dog, but without forgetting that it also affects the emotional state of the dog.

Wet food

Wet food is well known by all the guides, but is almost always used on rare occasions, as for example when our dog is in a post-operative process or has gastroenteritis. The veterinarian will always recommend you give him one mini-can to help you overcome this process in the best possible way.

Although most of the time demos them as a snack or in special occasions like birthday, it is an option that we could consider to feed our dog. Brings it the same nutrients that feed and the dog gives you higher palatability.

Wet food is very easy to digest for the dog, rather than the feed. But you can to provide you less feeling of fullness since it contains no corn or other nutrients that give this feeling.
B.A.R.F (acronym for BiologicallyAppropriateRawFood) or A.C.B.A (biologically appropriate raw food or feed raw biologically appropriate)

The natural diet, also known as a BARF or Spanish created, probably the option less known by all, but certainly the more healthy for the dog. And it getting more mental stimulation, as we always say it is important to remember that our dog food is not only to feed him, also behind some connotations to level behavioral as in this case the mental stimulation that we got by presenting the dog daily challenges of new scents, new flavors, new textures and new challenges to find out how each new food you give it is eaten.

Natural diet does not give you the remains of our meals, is to prepare them a diet based on foods (meat, fish, organ meats, bones, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits…). The most important is to have some basic knowledge about this type of diet, knowing the times of freezing of meat and fish, the difference between meaty bone (50%, 50% bone) and recreational bone (bone without meat). What percentage should be protein, how much carbohydrate, how much of viscera, how to make the transition from a dog that ate feed to BARF…

The benefits of this diet are innumerable, but as drawbacks must say the only but very, very important it is you have to find out first before you start to give natural diet to our dogs. And that must be a forecast in the preparation of the menu every day, however with the wet food or feed is much more comfortable. It is open the bag or Tin and we have it ready.

Dehydrated food

This last option is booming, increasingly marks appearing on the market that offer dried dog food. It is a mixture of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and cereals of the highest quality. We select fresh and natural raw materials, cut into pieces them and dehydrate them.

One of their main hallmarks is that in almost all brands, appears the text “Suitable for human consumption”. This means that food for dogs or cats are considered animal grade (Feed Grade) and therefore can not be eaten by people. This is due to the type of factory where have been developed and because we may use ingredients unfit for human consumption, such as heads, wool, cooking oil, fat animals, etc.

It is also a way of feeding very practical, since you just have to pull out the bag or container daily ration, take a small amount of water and go.

As you can see there are many and varied options to feed to our four-legged companion. All have their advantages and disadvantages, you only get to know them and know what is the most appropriate and beneficial for your dog. Bon Appetit!