Jewellery trends that are ruling the fashion world!

Jewellery has a significant role to play in the fashion industry. The recent collections of the seasons gone by and that of oncoming have more focus on the individualism, inspiration and about expressing the intricate thoughts. With fashionable clothes going minimal and bringing the concept of accessorizing more, the jewellery industry has boomed to bring in all the attention.

The jewellery working today is less on the bling but more on the designs and the texture they talk about. As a result, more and more people like to speak of their style through their choice of jewellery.

As far as accessories are concerned, pairing them up with minimal dresses or even in your style of expression brings the most of your personal style. Therefore, it has become essential to pick up some trendy pieces and stay put with style. Here are some trends that are ruling the fashion world currently during this Thanksgiving!


  1.    Logo charms

Watch it on the runway or in the collections of the major jewellery houses; the latest craze is all about adoring one’s individualism and flaunting it centre stage. The logo charms with a solo word, an expression or even your name have become a trend which is being followed religiously today. Take it from the celebrities; you shall find most of them have a ring, bracelet or even an earring inscribed in their name or initials. The fun part of the trend is that these jewelleries are something in pure silver, gold or platinum – thus talking about the essence.


  1.    Stackable collections

If you go by the recent trends, there is no hiding in the fact that stackable jewellery has been in the incoming trend. The stackable pieces of rings, layers of chains to cover from collarbone to neckline and even the range of bracelets to cover up your wrist – they all speak a different sense of style. The stackable jewellery is easily available in collections from silver to cheap ones, and the pieces promise to flaunt the best they can. With minimal outfits, these jewellery pieces look stunning!


  1.    Get the ‘Bling’!

For an evening party setup or the clubbing times, you definitely something that shines like your smile. What was spotted at most of the runway shows and even at celebrity presence was this adornment of big chunky earrings, crystal rings and even plus size diamonds which create statement. The exquisite faux jewellery and even the neo pearls are a fine addition to your stock making you pick up for sale, and saving in worthy pieces to exclaim your style.


  1.    Up-cycle jewellery

This is the age of getting creative with something that you think would match your style. Therefore, the up-cycle jewellery has done quite a few rounds with the famous personalities. What we see today is exceptional styling of random objects voucher into a jewellery piece. So here you can expect everything from cycle chains, iron wires and even chunky pieces of dream-catchers, eclectic charms, cosmic symbols and more.


  1. ‘Hoop’ it up!

We have been spotting a lot of hoop earrings since the past season, and the craze is only going bigger and better. With hoop earrings and necklaces in precious metals like silver, platinum and even gold, the pieces are best to adorn even with the simplest of outfits. Spotted majorly on the ace jewellery brands the most in designs include the simple large hoop jewellery, the Swarovski studded hoops and even the entwined hoop jewellery which makes the most statement when worn for a cocktail event or even for attending the shows.


  1.    The antiques

This one is definitely the favourite trend of all times. The antique jewellery never fails with their appeal and are the best for bringing in individualism in the style you so love! The antiques this time has gone with combinations of sterling silver, pure silver and even rustic toned gold to bring in more delicate details of glass work, chandeliers, inspirational quotes, earthy stones and more. Each piece exclaims to be a part of your personality bringing in only positive vibes. From a range of earrings, necklaces, chokers, anklets and more you can choose what you love the most.


  1.    Oversized contrasts

There is no bigger joy than pairing up contrasts and creating statements. This season you shall spot a lot of contrast jewellery with size that is larger than you thought of. So, it is all about choosing XXL size pieces with contrasting colours and wearing them a single piece of your accessorizing offers. Definitely, the best to turn up the style quotient while bringing in a lot of attention.


These were a few pieces of jewellery that are making promotions and would be spotted a lot in the coming days. So, stock up on some and begin with your own fashion parade!

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