Got Dry Skin Issues? Here’s How to Cure Them

Got Dry Skin Issues? Here’s How to Cure Them

If you are having problems with dry skin then you must practice some tips and tricks to make it smooth and supple.  There are many cases where it only takes is setting up a few adjustments to solve the daily skin care issues.

Caring Strategies for Dry Skin

You must skip hot long showers as hot water strips oils from the skin faster than warm water. Usually long showers and baths dry out the skin and it limits yourself to single 10 minute warm shower. While you take a shower use a gentle shower gel or a cleanser which has moisturizer in it instead of using the harsh cleansers which go for the unscented and soap free and mild cleansers. Always use a moisturizer when your skin is moist and pat you skin with the towel after you have taken a shower or whenever you wash your face or hands and leave it damp. Use a moisturizer for a few minutes after washing so that moisture could be locked in.

You might have to pay huge amount to get a good and rich moisturizer. Before you buy any moisturizing product you must read the label and the ingredients which would be helpful for dry skin. And always try to look for a moisturizer which includes the ceramides. These ingredients help the skin to get soother and hold on water. There are sometimes synthetic ceramides also present which mimic some of the natural ingredients over to the outermost layer of skin which help to keep the skin moist.

The best skin moisturizers also include glycerin and dimethicone which help to water the skin and holds it there. The hyaluronic acids are also present in the ingredients of a good skin moisturizer which also helps the skin to hold water. Similar ingredients also include the mineral oil, petroleum jelly and lanolin which also help the skin to hold water while taking a shower.

You must also make sure that you use sun screen over the areas of the body which are exposed to the sun during the day. Get a sun screen which has a SPF of 30 or more days which states broad spectrum over the label.

Tips for Curing Dry Skin

If you want to get rid of dry skin issues then you must follow these simple instructions:

  • Get a humidifier at home which would help you to keep your skin hydrated during winters when the air indoor is dry. Try to wear natural or cotton fibers. Synthetics, wool and other fabrics are scratchy and irritating.
  • Drink a lot of water. This way your body would be hydrated and ultimately your skin would be too.
  • In take omega 3 foods. Get essential food which are enriched with fatty acids which are beneficial for the skin such as oil –retaining barriers. Food which are enriched with omega-3 are also enriched include the sea food and you can also eat walnuts, safflower oil and flax too.
  • If you have some kind of inflammation or redness over your skin then you can apply hydrocostisone cream over the infected area which would cure it. Apply the cream for about a week to get the best results.

With these tips you can help reduce and eventually remove the mild or severe dryness from your skin.

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